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Servilingua 88, S.L., Simultaneous interpreters, Translations and Congress

Our interpreters are remarkable not only for their broad range of experience,
but also for their capacity for teamwork and understanding of other cultures.

Whether you are planning discussions with a potential client, a technical training course for operators and maintenance staff, interviews in a market research institute,
a large-scale conference or a business trip abroad, our team of interpreters will ensure that your communication is a resounding success.

We are well aware that not every interpreter is suited to every project. Which is why we attach great importance to the correct choice of interpreter and send you a tried and tested interpreter, or indeed a team of interpreters, with broad-reaching knowledge of the respective area of expertise for every project. This method has earned us a reputation for excellence in our sector.

Servilingua 88, S.L., Simultaneous interpreters, Translations and Congress
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